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Video Creations will produce a very unique and custom video montage for your wedding event. We use state of the art video editing, videography and presentation projection equipment to present your montage with impressive quality. Each montage is created to your high standards and special instructions will be incorporated at no extra charge. The Gold and Platinum packages described below include all the premium projection equipment, projection screen and a technician to present the montage to your audience. Audio is provided by a cable from the projection equipment to the disk jockey after prior permission to use his equipment. This will provide the best possible sound for the presentation.

The Gold Package includes four sections of photos that you choose from your special collection of photos. The first section of photos is for the bride from as close to childbirth as possible progressing to the present time. A special audio selection of your choice is used to express the brides' growing up years. The second section of photos is for the groom and his growing up years. The audience is entertained by visually seeing both of you as young infants to the present time. The second section will also be another song of your choice. The third section is dedicated to the friends and family who are most special in your lives. This can be any combination of the bride and groom with family members or friends who are closest to you. There are several family and friends song selections, which will complement this section. The last section in the montage include photos of the bride and groom prior to their wedding day from the dating years to the present. A good selection of photos from different vacations, events or outings is just a few examples. There is a huge selection of songs available for this section from old classics to very current love ballads. You will provide up to 80 photos for the complete montage. Each of the four sections will consist of approximately 20 photos. Opening titles for each of the sections are created at no extra charge. Special titling on images, special video effects and audio are included in the package.

The Platinum Package includes the Gold Package plus video ceremony footage incorporated into the last couple section. This product will be very impressive to your audience when they realize that ceremony highlights were incorporated into the last segment of the video montage that day. Our videographer will take quality digital video highlights of your wedding ceremony and incorporate them after the final couple photos section of the montage. The last section will consist of your couple photos and then will immediately transition into the ceremony footage within the same song selection. The wedding ceremony footage is also taken with professional zooms and pans of the most important segments of the wedding. Note that two hours is required from the end of the wedding ceremony until the time of the presentation due to the special editing required. Your audience will be amazed that this footage was captured and edited professionally for the reception presentation.